Carbon FAQs

Performance Speedshop is proud to offer a wide variety of material and finishes to suit our customer's needs. Below you will find details of some of the most commonly made material composites that our items are offered in. This is not an exhaustive list. Please feel free to contact us with any special requests not already listed.

In general (unless otherwise indicated), special carbon fiber is a 20% extra option upon request. Matte is a 10% extra option upon request. 



FRP - composite material comprised of carbon fiber reinforced polymers. FRP option comes with primed finish. It is meant to be prepped, sanded, and painted. Preparation process may include using fillers and sanding.  

Partial Carbon Fiber - mix of FRP and carbon fiber. Partial Carbon Fibers Hoods (generally) have the vents made of carbon fiber. The rest of the hood  made of FRP. Bumpers (generally) have vents or trim pieces made of carbon fiber. 

Carbon Fiber Hoods - Top side of hoods are made of carbon fiber by default. Underside of hoods are made of FRP by default

Double Sided Carbon Fiber Hoods - Both top side and under side made of carbon fiber. 

Dry Carbon (also know as Pre-preg Carbon) - A method of manufacturing that involves an autoclave process. Dry carbon is generally about 50% lighter and stronger than standard carbon fiber. 


Carbon Fiber Patterns

Woven Carbon Fiber (Standard 2x2 or 3k) - the most common carbon fiber weave. 2x2 weave woven carbon fiber is the default if listing does not specify the pattern. For Ferrari products, a smaller 1x1 weave is by default.

Woven Carbon Fiber (14k) - a much bigger weave pattern than 2x2


Forged Carbon Fiber - a type of carbon fiber SMC material composed of small pieces of carbon fiber composite material that are pressed into shape as the resin cures. It was originally developed jointly between Lamborghini, Callaway Golf Company, and the Lamborghini Lab.


Woven Honeycomb Carbon Fiber (3k) - Honeycomb pattern allows for a higher strength to weight ratio than traditional woven carbon fiber. 



Gloss - a glossy finish with glossy clear coat with UV protection


Matte - a matte finish with matte clear coat with UV protection


Common Misconception

Dry carbon vs. Matte Finish - Dry Carbon does NOT equal matte finish. Dry carbon is a method of manufacturing that involves an autoclave process. It is also known as pre-preg carbon. Dry carbon is generally about 50% lighter and stronger than standard carbon fiber.