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Shipping Policy


Terms & Conditions

All orders placed with Merchant (phone, fax, mail, text, verbal, or e-mail), either directly or through a dealer, constitute the acknowledgment and acceptance of all conditions listed below.


Shipping & Handling Timeframe

The shipping time quoted in the cart is estimated shipping time by shipping companies. Handling time varies from 1 to 7 business days. If an item is out of stock, there may be a waitlist on the item, or it may be made to order. Lead time for waitlisted items is made on a first come first serve basis. For made to order items, manufacturing time is generally around 2-4 weeks and transit time of 4-6 weeks.


Customers should contact the merchant BEFORE placing the order for the most accurate estimated shipping timeline. Expedite shipping is generally available for additional cost.


Shipping & Handling Charges

The shipping cost quoted on the website reflects the best estimate of shipping cost by said shipping companies. Customer must acknowledge that shipping or delivery method may differ from which is selected at time of purchase due to practical reasons. 


Additional shipping costs may be assessed to reflect accurate real-world costs. 

Customers must provide a commercial shipping address for oversized items which require freight shipping. Commercial Freight Shipping rates reflects the best estimate of shipping cost by freight companies shipped to a verified business address. Locations other than a business (residential home, apartment building, church, hospital, schools, military base, etc) will require additional fees. Example of fees are “residential delivery”, “liftgate delivery”, “inside delivery”, “limited access”.


In cases where a failed delivery attempt occurs, redelivery fees apply.



Merchant provides delivery service for parts of mainland United States. For practical reasons (insurance, safety, fraud, etc.), delivery service is preferred by most customers. 


Most purchases of larger or fragile items are defaulted to "delivery" as shipping method. Lead time for delivery is subject to availability of trucks and drivers. Lead time is up to 4 weeks depending on locations of trucks and availability of drivers. The customer must contact the Merchant if a certain time frame is required. 



International Orders (Outside of USA)

Customers are to be responsible for all local handling, local shipping, foreign shipping, broker fees, custom duties, import tariffs, paperwork fees, VAT, tax, and any other shipping associated fees.


Wire transfer is the preferred payment method for international orders. 


Website engine does NOT accurately calculate shipping cost and time frame correctly for international orders. Customers are expected to contact the merchant BEFORE purchase for most accurate estimated shipping cost and timeline.


Damaged Items & Lost Packages

Merchant provides shipping insurance ONLY if customer opts-in for "PREMIUM SHIPPING PROTECTION". Protection covers items for damage during transit. For insurance to be valid, please ensure you CHECK FOR SHIPPING DAMAGE "ON THE SPOT" WHILE DRIVER IS ONSIGHT
otherwise, your claim will be DECLINED. If there is shipping damage, let the delivery driver MARK DOWN the damage ON THE SPOT (please make sure to take photos of the damaged merchandise and the box) and REJECT the package.



  • Damages during transit.
  • Damages identified at time of delivery.
  • Lost during transit.

Does not cover:

  • Lost after delivery. Some common examples are "I was not home", "I did not sign for it", "It was left outside", or "It was delivered to the wrong address".
  • Item(s) must be inspected upon delivery. Damages found after items have been "delivered" will be DECLINED. 
  • Customer failed to inspect at time of delivery. Some common examples are "I was not home", or "driver was in a big rush", or "driver did not let me inspect", or "somebody else received it". 
  • 3rd party receiver failed to inspect at time of delivery.  Some common examples are "somebody at the body shop received it", or "It was left at the front desk". 


* Customers are responsible for their package once an item has been delivered. Please ensure that the package is in a secure environment upon delivery.

** Body shops are known to break items during installation. If damage is not identified AT TIME OF DELIVERY, please TAKE YOUR COMPLAINT TO THE BODYSHOP. 


*** Body shops are known to lose items while items are "just sitting there", or "never touched them". If missing items are not identified AT TIME OF DELIVERY, please TAKE YOUR COMPLAINT TO THE BODYSHOP.